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Issue n.01 June 2018

Hopi Indian Buffalo horn


While on holiday in the summer of 2012, Marco Lanero, founder of Delirious, roamed the streets of Cadore looking for a small atelier where he could have a pair of customized sunglasses made. After searching long and hard, he came across a team of young artisans who made him his first pair of handcrafted sunglasses. It was a simple pair of glasses, with no apparent innovation in its design without laser making, no trace of a label, not a recognizable brand at all.

“People have a strong desire for a product that provides quality and a high level of manufacture; a return to a design that represents a quest for innovation”

Upon returning to university that autumn, Marco’s no brand sunglasses began to catch the eyes of friends and strangers. It soon dawned on him that labels have little importance in the face of highly refined, top quality products. After several months of in depth study, Marco understood that people have a strong desire for a product that provides quality and a high level of manufacture; a return to a design that represents a quest for innovation.

That winter, Marco invested in an industrial engraver and began to customize glasses for friends and acquaintances. All in all, he sold a mere 189 pieces. Soon afterwards, he called upon his close friend, Camillo Bovio, to design and set up the website that first launched Delirious.


Delirious is a brand that strives to set itself apart from the rest of the eyewear industry. It wants to accomplish this in every aspect; design, material, and manufacturing; our ultimate goal is to create a one-of-a-kind undertaking through one-of-a-kind products.

Delirious wants to revolutionize mainstream fashion statements and dreams of a world in which the importance of a label is done away with forever, a world where refined craftsmanship and the finest materials combine perfectly with the purity of form.

“The only engraving on our glasses is ‘handcrafted in Italy,’ so there’s no need to think about the brand”


Stylistically, we aren’t inspired by anything contemporary. Instead, we work with free and unadulterated minds, taking as our only role model vintage collections from past centuries. We are searching for a style that consists of simple lines and minimalistic shapes which are passively influenced by our deep knowledge of the eyewear sector.


Delirious uses a wide variety of materials to produce its sunglasses, from natural-based Acetate to more refined materials such as Indian water buffalo horn, Japanese titanium and beta-titanium. We have conducted long studies of the usage, manufacture, and durability of materials before selecting them. These qualities are the foundation of our production.

Our target

“Our targets are bold, confident people, and we are confident in what we design...”

Our main targets are those who are highly self-confident, more con- cerned with wearing a pair of sunglasses that perfectly fits their style and personality than with only wanting to show off a label or brand. Our targets are men and women who don’t have anything to prove to the world, people who feel comfortable in their own skin, those that look for innovation, refinement, and uniqueness.

Our collections

A brief look at our line
of sunglasses

Verena Schepperheyn Jacket

Harikara, Indian water buffalo horn

Angelia Ami, vest

Eskimo, Indian water buffalo horn

Verena Schepperheyn shirt and backpack

Inuit, Indian water buffalo horn

Verena Schepperheyn shirt, Giorgia Andreazza jumpsuit

Titania, Acetate and Japanese beta-titanium

Alysi, shirt, Iuri bags

Hopi, Indian water buffalo horn

Kim, total look

Bubalus, Indian water buffalo horn

Verena Schepperheyn, total look

Fin, Acetate and Japanese beta-titanium

Greta Boldini, total look

Octagon, Acetate and Japanese beta-titanium

Angela Ami, dress

Bubble, Japanese beta-titanium

Annagiulia Firenze, top and hat

Loose, Japanese beta-titanium

Greta Boldini, dress

Raider, Japanese beta-titanium

Verena Schepperheyn shirt and funnypack, Simon Cracker jacket

Parallel, Acetate and Japanese beta-titanium

Annagiulia Firenze, vest

Agusta, Japanese beta-titanium

Verena Schepperheyn raincoat and pants, Simon Cracker tank top and boots

Aerial, Japanese beta-titanium

Verena Schepperheyn shirt, Giorgia Andreazza coat

Outlaw, Japanese beta-titanium

Giorgia Andreazza jumpsuit

Maestro, Japanese beta-titanium

Greta Boldini dress

Fashion shows

Although a young company, Delirious has been able to develop extra ordinarily fast and has achieved a great deal of recognition in the eyewear, and fashion fields. Shortly after our product launch, our glasses were being introduced and illuminated by the lights of many catwalks. One of our earliest collaborations with a well-known brand was with Stella Jean, Italian fashion designer known for being Giorgio Armani’s protégé.

The entire titanium sunglasses collection made its first début on Stella Jean’s runways at the 2017 Fall Winter show. Due to the positive feedback and satisfaction with the products, the fashion brand again chose to use Delirious’ sunglasses, Titania and Cheetah, for its 2018 Fall Winter fashion show.

Another big achievement at the beginning of 2018 was the collaboration with Au Jour Le Jour, a new up-and-coming Italian brand whose entire Spring Summer collection was presented harmoniously with Delirious’ Maharaja sunglasses.

Stella Jean Fall Winter Show 17, Milano

Au Jour le Jour Spring Summer Show 18, Milano


The production of our glasses takes place in Cadore, at the foot of the Dolomites, home of the Italian eyewear industry. Artisans are responsible for the entire hand-crafted production. They skillfully manipulate rudimentary machinery and oversee every step of the process.

“The passion and attention given to the production of each pair of glasses adds a value that leads our brand to achieve extraordinary results”

Our methods of manufacturing are adapted to the material being used; so whether we are using Indian water buffalo horn, Japanese titanium and beta-titanium, or natural-based Italian Acetate, stunning results are always obtained.

Regarding the horn, the process begins by milling two small boards of the same material; one becomes the main body of the glasses, and the other the eyeglass arms. The mill follows a previously designed 3D of the chosen shape and when finished, the artisans manually clean away all the remaining splinters.

Next, all the parts are tumbled, a technique for smoothing little parts and surfaces; this process can take more than a week. Finally, the artisans put together the sunglasses, thereafter improving the look and quality by polishing the surface with pads that render the glasses detailed and brilliant.

In order to manufacture sunglasses in titanium and beta-titanium, artisans generally begin by laser-cutting a sheet of metal to make all the components, and then weld those pieces together.

We pay special attention to remain true to our key beliefs. For this reason, you will never find the Delirious brand name engraved on our products: the only engraving you will ever find is the label of quality, “handcrafted in Italy.” Additionally, our goal is to sell the best product on the market, both in design and quality. This is the reason why we established a partnership with Zeiss, our lens supplier.

Our music


Un Olandese a Milano
by Larry De Kat

The Delirious musical project came to light through the strong passion that founder, Marco Lanero, has for music niche genres influenced by soul, jazz, and house music.

In 2015, Marco came across an up-and-coming Dutch composer, Larry de Kat, on Soundcloud. Struck by his music, Marco contacted Larry to compliment his musical skills and to give him a pair of customized sunglasses.

The two have kept in touch since then, becoming close friends. They decided to unite their passions to create a collaboration known as the Delirious musical project. The idea behind their production is to make good music, but a music that is not for everyone. A music for those with a preference for rare and valuable things, a music that seeks to consolidate the Delirious community.

Music fusion

EPs and vinyls are produced and distributed on virtual platforms such as Spotify, Beatport, and Soundcloud; a well as the best music stores around the world. Additionally, people have the chance to participate in Larry and his band’s showcases in Milan, one for the release of each new edition: Volume I was released on the 15th September 2017 and Volume II will be launched in 2018.

“Delirious has put out
its first vinyl!”

Marco Lanero, the founder of Delirious, and Larry de Kat met through the giving and taking of music and fashion. Instantly, they started a close friendship; a friendship that gave birth to a one-of-a-kind musical project.

Heavy on downtempo italo disco, dub and soul cuts, Larry de Kat offers music-lovers a phenomenal track list. Later, he also had the immense pleasure to introduce a young newcomer to the scene known as “Juno,” who can be heard on vocals along with the hot keys of Thomas van Dijk.


Each of Delirious’ events is a celebration, a marriage of the eyewear sector with the worlds of music, fashion, and design.

White Man / Milano
13th – 15th January

Tranoï Man / Paris
19th – 21st January

Altaroma Showcase / Roma
26th January

White Woman / Milano
23rd – 26th February

Mido / Milano
24th – 26th February

Tranoï Woman / Paris
2nd – 5th March

Vision Expo / Nyc
16th – 18th March

Super Design Show / Milano
17th – 22nd April

White Man / Milano
16th – 18th June

Tranoï Man / Paris
22nd – 24th June

Who is on next / Roma
28nd – 30th June

White Woman / Milano
21st - 24th September

Tranoï Woman / Paris
Sep 28th – Oct 1st

Silmo / Paris
Sep 28th–Oct 1st

On Time Show / Shanghai
Sep 28th – Oct 1st

Ioft / Tokyo
22nd – 24th October

Vision-X / Dubai
13th – 15th November

Our Showroom

Alzaia Naviglio Pavese, 52
20143, Milan (Italy)

Tel: +39 (0)2 87246497

Special thanks to our team

Gaia Bonanomi Photography, Giorgia Toscani Styling
Misaki Make up and hair, Lluis Camps Graphics
18 3 UX & development